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September 27, 2009


May 5, 2008


Crew: one

Powerplant: two pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofans with vectoring rated at 38,00lb of thrust (169kN) with afterburner\

Maximum speed: more than 1,320mph (2,130km/h)

Combat radius: classified, but ATF specification for 808 miles (1,300km)

Service ceiling: more than 60,00ft (18,288m)

Weight: 65,337lb (29,637kg) loaded

Armament: one M61A2 Vulcan 0.79-in (20-mm) cannon, three internal weapons bays containing up to six AIM-120C AMRAAMs and two AIM-9x sidewinders

dimensions: span 44ft 6in (13.56m); length 62ft 1in (18.9m); height 16ft 7in (5.05m)

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